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Future. That period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true and our happiness is assured. Ambrose Bierce

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Open Letter.


John W. Hager

To whom it may concern

Our company believes Internet Marketing is as revolutionary to the economy of the twenty-first century as mass production was in the last century. Internet Marketing will eventually transform the economy’s dominant source of productivity gain from mass production to mass customization and personalization.

To understand the potential of Internet Marketing, consider the cost breakdown of a product. Before mass production, the entire cost of a product was its production cost, and production costs were so high that most products were not affordable for the masses. Today, typically only 20% of a product’s cost is production and producer’s profit. The remaining 80% of a product’s cost is marketing and distribution, and a vast variety of products are affordable by the masses. Internet Marketing targets the reduction of the 80% product cost attributable to present day conventional marketing and distribution costs.

We believe that the Internet provides a new and inexpensive way for companies to communicate their capabilities directly to the end users of their products and services.

Moreover, companies can also solicit direct communication from the end users of their products and services regarding needs and wants. This communication is possible using the Internet, web pages, web applications, and web- enabled product selectors and product configurations. The information obtained is enormously valuable and effectively enables companies to distinguish their offerings from competition by customizing within their capabilities. In a nutshell, the Internet and computers are transforming the dominant economic trend from mass production to mass customization.

We see the future now!


John W. Hager CEO

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